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List of Physiotherapy Clinics

List of Physiotherapy Clinics

OHIP covered Physio Clinics

  • CoverageAges 0-19, or 65+Assess $20-$25 100 visits per calendar year
  •  Ages 20-64Assess $40-$55Ranges $20-$30 per visit
  •  ODSP, WSIBAssess $20-$35then free with drug card
  • Achieva Health544 Eglinton Ave. East416-489-8888
  • Albany Physiotherapy Clinic200 Danforth Avenue 416-461-9471
  • Anders Physiotherapy1236 Lawrence Ave. East 416-447-1457
  • Community Physio Clinic909 Queen Street East (At Carlaw) 416-465-2401
  • Main & Gerrard Physio194 Main Street (At Gerrard)416-691-4835
  • Physiotherapy Associates28 Overlea Blvd.416-441-1222
  • Physiotherapy Wellness1835 Yonge Street, Ste 303 (South Davisville)416-489-5313
  • Renaissance Physiotherapy192 Main Street, Toronto416-691-4835
  • Shelton Physiotherapy Associates2468 Eglinton Ave. West, Toronto416-651-1722

Private Physio Clinics

  • Abira Rehabilitation Centre 2311 McNicoll Avenue, Toronto 416-298-2278
  • Canadian Back Institute 2575 Danforth Ave., Unit 9 (at Main) 416-699-3500
  • Canadian Back Institute 67 Yonge St. (King/Adelaide)416-865-9922
  • Canadian Back Institute 40 Eglinton Ave. East, Ste. 201416-482-8511
  • Canadian Physiotherapy Clinic 2967 Sheppard Ave. E., Scarborough416-493-0703
  • CBI Health Centre 1457 McCowan Rd., Ste 218416-289-3930
  • CBI Spino & Sport Clinic 123 Edwards St., Ste 500416-971-7947
  • Central Scarborough Physio Centre 14-2155 Lawrence E. (at Birchmount)416-755-0879
  • East York Physiotherapy 840 Coxwell Ave., Ste. 304 416-465-0400
  • East York Physio (E Wilson) 294 Main St., Ste. 202 (at Danforth) 416-690-9361
  • Eglinton-Bayview Physiotherapy 355 Eglinton Ave. East, Toronto416-489-8888
  • Freda Nairnan Physiotherapy 3333 Bayview Ave., Toronto 416-223-0375
  • High Park Physiotherapy 2150 Bloor Street West, Toronto416-766-8565
  • Ki Li Rehab 60 Scotsville Drive, Scarborough416-940-4801
  • Kings Professional Physio 1209 King Street West, Toronto 416-537-8408
  • Lawrence Curlew Physio 1260 Lawrence Ave. E., Ste. 104 (Victoria Pk) 416-447-1457
  • Life Mark Health 3481 Kingston Road (at Markham) 416-266-8844
  • Life Mark Health 1939 Kennedy Rd., Ste 201B416-282-0706
  • Miss M W Seaver 1121 Bellamy Road North 416-438-6792
  • North Toronto Physiotherapy Ctr. 2900 Warden Ave., Toronto 416-498-8738
  • Orthopaedic Therapy Clinic 1235 Bay St., Ste. 802 416-925-4687
  • Physiorned Health Group 3003 Danforth Ave. Unit 40416-698-1441
  • Scarborough North Physio 3443 Finch Avenue East, Toronto 416-499-6635
  • The Physiotherapy Centre 4190 Finch Avenue East, Toronto 416-332-1168
  • Toronto Physiotherapy 2558 Danforth Ave, Lower Level 416-686-4415
  • Universal Injury Rehabilitation Ctr. 491 Lawrence Ave W. Ste. 201 416-256-0600
  • Vicpark South Injury Rehab Centre 1089 Kingston Road, Ste 3, Scarborough416-699-1700
  • Victoria Park Rehab Centre 3100 Danforth Ave, Scarborough416-691-8717
  • Wilcox Physio 2020 Brimley Road (at Sheppard)416-297-6090
  • Willowdale Physiotherapy Clinic 6228 Yonge Street, Ste. 225 416-226-2402
  • Find the up-to-date list of OHIP covered physiotherapy clinics from the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario website, click here.

  • To find a private physiotherapist close to you, click here.

News Alerts:

COVID-19 Update

With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic and the on-going risks, we have decided (and have been strongly encouraged by the Ontario Medical Association) to move the bulk of our appointments in the up-coming weeks to telephone appointments. If you already have an appointment scheduled, our staff will be calling you the day before and will give you the option of rescheduling or to make a telephone appointment instead.

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Flu shots:

We strongly recommend getting the flu shot every October or November to prevent influenza and its serious complications. Those at most risk are children and adults (including pregnant women) with chronic medical conditions, such as cancer, cardiac disorders, asthma, and morbid obesity (people with a body mass index greater than 40); residents of nursing homes and other chronic care facilities; people 65 years of age and older; healthy children 6 months to 5 years of age; aboriginal peoples; and healthy pregnant women, at any stage of pregnancy. Please call our office to book an appointment for your flu shot.

New Cervical Screening Guidelines:

Cervical cancer screening is recommended every three years for all women starting at age 21 who are or ever have been sexually active, if they have never had an abnormal Pap test. Sexual activity includes intercourse, as well as digital or oral sexual activity involving the genital area with a partner of either gender. Women, who are not sexually active by 21 years of age, should delay cervical cancer screening until sexually active. Regardless of sexual history, there is no evidence to support screening women under 21 years of age. Based on the latest clinical evidence, cervical cancer screening every three years is effective. Pap tests can stop at age 70 in women who have had three or more normal tests in the prior 10 years.

However, if you have been treated for an abnormal Pap test in the past, these guidelines do not apply. Annual pap testing is still recommended for those treated for an abnormal test in the past. Please discuss with your physician if you are unsure about the screening interval which is best for you.

For further information
New Annual Health Screening:

As part of our efforts to contain health costs, we will be offering annual health screening to all our healthy adults age 18-64. This may mean you will not require a complete head-to-toe examination with routine testing, although we will discuss your health concerns, health maintenance strategies, and offer proven cancer screening tests (in line with Cancer Care Ontario guidelines), as well as screen for cardiovascular disease if indicated. Healthy patients with no chronic disease may choose a longer screening interval than annually, in conjunction with their family physician. All patients with chronic disease and those 65 years old and older should have an annual exam. We strongly encourage those 50 to 64 years of age to have an annual or at minimum biannual health screening exam. 16 and 17 year olds should have a screening exam as well, especially those considering going off to college/university.


Ontario has added to the vaccine schedule for infants and children as well as adults. The new Rotavirus oral vaccine for infants between 6 and 24 weeks age, a second dose of chickenpox vaccine for children aged 1-11, and a whooping cough booster vaccine for adults age 19-64 is available. Please speak to us at your next office visit.

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New changes in Narcotics Prescribing:

As of Nov. 1st, 2011, all Ontarians are required by law to provide identification to their health care provider in order to receive a prescription narcotic or controlled substance medication. You will need to provide the same identification to the pharmacist in order to pick up the medication.

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